With Valentine’s Day firmly behind us your thoughts might not be on spending hours making a romantic meal for two.  Just as well if you’re considering making the following food (especially if your date is a vampire…).  There’s enough garlic in this to finish off the Cullens and[…]

I came across an idea I like today.  an idea I like a lot, in fact. Mesina Sanders of And then there was me has a new feature on her blog called Ask Me.  Basically, you ask her whatever question you like, no matter how bizarre, odd, sane[…]

So, next month we find out if we passed. By which I mean, we get told which school has given Bean a place for September. At no point in the run up to making these decisions, the planning, the pregnancy, the first two years of his life, did[…]

New to Barefoot Books this  month is Octopus Opposites, a lovely, lively books with bright, vibrant artwork. Empty, full; push, pull; young, old; hot, cold! The creatures in this brilliant book range from friendly elephants to exotic kookaburras, each with a pair of opposites to share.

I thought I would give this a go this week, and if it works, then I’ll see about repeating it in the future. It might even become a regular thing, who knows? So simple really. Think of a caption for the photo below (keep them clean please!), and[…]

I’m trying hard not to write too many posts about Barefoot Books.  I love them and want to talk about them all the time, but am aware that not everyone wants to read about them all the time! However, today is different.  Today is the first day of[…]