Moving on up…

We have lived in our current home for around 6 years and I’ve been wanting to move for sometime now.  Towards the end of last year, we finally decided we were in a position where it could be possible.  We started looking at properties and found our dream house at a dream price, far earlier than expected.

Now the rush was on to get our house ready to sell. We had a lot of sorting out to do – we hoard things apparently, judging by the amount of stuff we were able to get rid of.  Next, lots of rooms needed decorating.  We were nearing readiness and then disaster struck.

Collapsed Wall

Where our wall used to be

Our 50 year old sandstone wall in the back garden collapsed in a storm. It was the retaining wall for the property next door too, as we are on a hill. We were worried.  We eventually persuaded our insurance company that it was more urgent than they thought and someone should come out sooner than in ten days time.  When the surveyor saw it, he said “good God”, advised us not to go into our back garden and explained why it had happened.

50 years ago, retaining walls did not require drainage holes, and so for 50 years, rain had been collecting and saturating the soil behind the wall.  We had a particular bad week for rain and it finally got too much and pushed the wall out.

When the report came through later that afternoon, he had advised the insurers not to pay out – everything he said to me had been forgotten and instead it was put down to wear and tear.  We would have to fix it ourselves.


The rubble that used to be a wall

Well, with a lot of help, and several people from the street helping out, a new wall was built.  The danger of the house next door falling into our garden was gone and we had to get on with selling the house.  Now we had a lot of clearing up to do outside.

It has been such a long job trying to get the house ready for market.  A never ending job it seemed.  But finally, today, the house went on the market.  I am so relieved.  Now all we need to do is sell quickly, before our dream house slips away.

Wish us luck!

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2 comments on “Moving on up…

  1. Lyn Blackledge on said:

    I hope the move goes smoothly.

  2. Poor you, what a nightmare. Glad you’ve got the house on the market now though – good luck, hope all goes well.


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