It’s for charidee, mate …

I came across a fundraising attempt earlier this month and decided to try and help.

Mum’s the Boss have nominated Oxfam as their chosen charity this year, with money going towards a specific project.  In the Gifts Unwrapped scheme, you can pay for the training of a busineswomen in the developing world.  This idea really appeals to me.  Training people to run a business gives them independence and a real opportunity to work themselves out of poverty, in a way which is sustainable.  Many of these women will be mothers too, and it has been shown time and time again that helping mothers (in business training, healthcare etc) directly helps their children too.  Helping mothers improves the quality of life of their children – this seems like a great way to help lots of people with a small amount of money – so with a lot of money, we can help, well, lots of people!

Anyway, Mum’s the Boss has set themselves a target to raise enough money throughout 2010 to train 52 businesswomen in developing countries – one for every week of the year.

I wanted to help, and approached them with an idea.  And here it is.  I sell Barefoot Books, because I think they are fantastic in so many ways.  10% of sales made through this link will go to this fundraising attempt.  When you use the link, it will add the special code into your checkout process, which will allow me to track sales counting towards the fund.

Please feel free to pass the link to anyone and everyone else – the more money raised, the more women and children we can help.

If you want to pass the link on, please use this shortened version, to avoid mistakes in the long URL:

Thanks for reading!

PS  If you buy before the end of January, you can bag yourself a bargain too – Barefoot’s Winter Sale ends on January 31st.  Up to 80% off selected titles (including some of our best sellers!).

PPS  If you are looking to raise funds for your children’s group, school, charity etc, then I am happy to set up fundraisers both on and off line for you.  They can work in a number of ways, so please get in touch for more details.

Have a great weekend!

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One comment on “It’s for charidee, mate …

  1. Lyn Blackledge on said:

    What a good idea and a veery worthy cause.

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