The Birthday Boy

We had a birthday boy this week, two if you count my father.  Start again.  We had a birthday boy in our house this week.  Our youngest is now four and is very pleased by this turn of events.  According to Bean, this means he is now old enough to do all sorts of things he was not previously able to do;  ride a horse, fight meat-eating dragons (not vegetarian ones), leave home, eat as much cake as he wants…. you get the picture.

One thing it defintely did allow him to do was plan his birthday party which is set to take place this weekend.  Last year he simply wanted a party and was not interested in being bogged down by the details of such an event.  He had a pirate themed party, with pirate themed games, crafts, food and birthday cake.

This year, he wanted a party and he defintely wanted to be bogged down in the detail.  Very bogged down.  He chose the theme, in fact he chose about a million themes, each one coming just as I thought I’d sussed the previous selection, until I told him no more.  Pick one and stick to it. A difficult decision ensued.  Lots of humming and harring, complete with carefeul stroking of chin to show he was really considering his options.


We are having a jungle party.  Mainly, it seems, he wants jungle party bags and cake and to play pass the parcel.  He doesn’t want to think too far beyond this.  Luckily, he has a mummy ready and able to step in at this point and wave a wand so these decisions magically transform themselves into a party with games, music, crafts, food, cake and balloons.  Oh, I forgot; he was very clear on the balloons and insisted on supervising their purchase.

He also got to choose the cake.  Art, although something I enjoy, is not what you might call my forte. Cake decoration…. Last year’s was a pirate treasure chest – a bought madeira cake, covered in buttercream, the sides lined with (non Nestle) Matchmakers, the top stuffed with chocolate coins, jelly gems, and anything else resembling treasure.  The whole thing sat on a board covered in yellow space dust.  Easy.  Fiddly, but remarkably little artistic talent required.  This year, I kept my fingers crossed.  He decided on a monkey.  Right.

Google is your friend, and mine, and gave me lots of pictures, with instructions, on how to make a cake look like a monkey.  I picked several basic (easy) looking ones and showed him.  “Like these?” (holding breath).  “no Mummy, that’s just a face.  Monkeys have bodies to put their heads on.”  Of course they do.

And so it is that I sit here, with a kitchen full of cake making stuff, comtemplating making and then decorating a birthday cake to look like a monkey with a body. With arms and legs and jungle leaves, if you please.  Which is why I’m still sitting here.  This one has me nervous.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



Here it is ….


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  1. I think your very brave letting him pick stuff.My oldest two are having parties this and I’ve already decided 6 months ahead, they are both having pirates and princesses themed parties.Would love to see pictures of the cake.

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