I’ve just returned from a quick trip to Asda.  Before I go any further with this tale, I should perhaps mention that I am tired, full of cold, almost 31 weeks pregnant, and prone to the odd bout of grumpiness. With this in mind, and in view of[…]

It’s funny how you can come across things that interest you on the internet. This week, I’ve been searching for car insurance quotes online, and happened to mention on Facebook that I was undertaking this arduous task (arduous, because I insist on doing the full moneysavingexpert routine, which[…]

Barefoot Books are giving away a 16GB iPad to one lucky person, and two runners-up will each receive a Natural Child Gift Collection worth £60. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to sign up with Barefoot as an Ambassador.  Now[…]

Did you see Great British Waste Menu on BBC1 last night? If you did, then you’re probably shocked/angered/mortified/upset by the amount of perfectly edible food that gets thrown away every day.  If you didn’t see the programme, go and watch it on iPlayer. Go! There are lots of[…]

I’ve been asked by several people on several occasions now to share some of my recipes.  In our house, everything is made from scratch, partly from a health point of view, partly because I love to cook and partly because we have little choice, because I have Coeliacs[…]

So, we’ve done it; we’ve made it out the other side of election day.  Barely. What a performance, and not one Britain should be proud of.  I’m not talking parties here.  I had such a feeling of hope going into this.  So many people had been invigorated by[…]