Learning to Manage Money: A Real Life Lesson for Tweens and Teens

As children get older, the list of things they want gets longer. Inevitably, at the same time, the size of things gets smaller and price tags increase significantly. Children rarely appreciate how much these things cost or where the money comes from to buy them. Of course not, they’re not in a position of having to maintain a budget. This… Read more »

What does home education mean to us?

We’ve been home educating for a little over 2 years now. When we started I had an idea of what home education would be like in our family.  I had the National Curriculum saved to my computer, topics planned, resources found, worksheets printed …. and that lasted all of about a fortnight. This was not home education, this was trying to… Read more »

Calling All Etsy Owners in the UK

Do you run a business with an Etsy shop? Are you living in the UK?  I need you! Late last year, as I took my wares to various craft markets, I struggled. As you might know if you read this blog regularly, I have Fibromyalgia and that, combined with the craft markets, nearly finished me off at the end of last… Read more »

10 Things I Learned from Shaving my Head

It’s now two years since I first shaved my head. I thought I would make a note of things I have learned in that time. 1. I have learned that I am brave – at least according to other people. People have told me they wish they were brave enough to shave their own head. However, most of the people who… Read more »

Engineers – An Owner’s Manual.

If you are in a relationship with, or thinking about embarking on a relationship with an engineer, you may find this owner’s manual useful. Engineers are great at fixing things. And breaking things. Out of the box, your engineer will have a unique list of items they can fix and items they can break. It is very rare to find… Read more »