What Am I?

There were no right answers last week – it really had you stumped! It was the pages of diary, side on. Sorry about that!

What do you make of this week’s What Am I?

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Cache a Predator: A Geocaching Mystery

If you’re a regular reader then you may remember that my family began Geocaching last Spring. We really enjoy it – it’s a great way to get out in the countryside with the children and it takes us to places we might not otherwise visit.

So when I was given the opportunity to read a new book Cache a Predator – A Geocaching Mystery, I jumped at the chance. I love mysteries, I love Geocaching; what could be better?

As mysteries go, this is a good one. It kept me reading and when I had to stop for real life, I wanted to be back into it ASAP. It’s not really a Geocaching mystery though. Don’t get me wrong, Geocaching features in the story, but that’s not what this mystery is about. It featured enough that I may never go Caching again, for fear of what I might find, but it wasn’t central to the story – the story could just as easily have taken place with no reference to Geocaching.
The story is mostly told in the third person, except for the times when we see the story through the eyes of the Predator referenced in the title. I found those sections quite creepy to be honest, but I think that was intentional.
The story is fairly simple, but there are lots of layers and twists to it, making a simple story seem far more complex. The main characters are reasonably likeable. I was sympathetic towards Brett from the start, but it took a while to decide if I actually liked him. Sarah was difficult; sometimes I really liked her, like when she was with Quinn, but at other times I found her odd (and the whole initial attraction thing between her and Brett really gave me the creeps).
The character I liked most was Clay. Kind, caring, in control. You’d have to be an idiot to mess with him.
Overall this was an enjoyable read (if enjoyable is the right word to apply to this story; I suspect it’s not). It was a good read, kept me interested (not a single page where I felt the need to skim through lots of descriptive passages about the colour of the sea etc) and I would recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries.

Cache a Predator is a geocaching thriller about a father’s love, justice, and the unhinged game of hide-the-cache.

Officer Brett Reed will do anything to gain custody of his five-year-old daughter, Quinn. But when a judge grants Brett’s drug-addicted ex-wife custody and slaps him with a protective order for losing his temper, he fears for Quinn’s safety. Who will protect her now?

When Quinn is found abandoned on the streets, she’s placed in a temporary foster home until Child Protective Services can complete an assessment. It should only take a few days.

But a lot can happen in a few days.

Especially when there’s a deranged psychopath on the loose, someone who’s attacking pedophiles, someone who wants to protect children like Quinn, and someone who’s planting body parts in geocaching sites.

This book is hidden in cache sites all over the US and Canada with the goal for it to travel to all 50 states. It’s mission is to spread awareness of child abuse and how it harms victims, families, and communities.

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“The author has developed her innate talent to frame events with a clarity and color that keeps the reader anxious to turn the page to get to the next level of interest.”

“”This book is like watching Criminal Minds or Law and Order.”

Midwest Review said, “Any who look for deep psychological elements in their mysteries will find this a satisfying read, moving beyond the usual one-dimensional focus on mystery to reach out and tweak the reader’s heart.” – D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer

About the Author

Michelle grew up in the suburbs of Detroit with five brothers. She enjoys writing her novels and encouraging writers and readers alike. She is living her dream writing stories of real people searching for their dreams and confronting their fears, showing the passion of the characters’ plights, often giving her the ability to show the reader the ‘other’ side of the story. When she is not writing she enjoys life on the tennis court and is known as “Queen of the Rim Shots.”

Her debut novel, CACHE a PREDATOR, a geocaching mystery. was launched in July, 2013 and has been an Amazon best-seller in the crime/thriller category.  Her other works include: Willow, Scattered Links, Kelly’s Story, Eclair Series, and The Vision in a Kiss.  She has won contests in both The Writer’s Journal and The Writer’s Digest. Love is Just a Word (Scattered Links) was a bronze medalist is the 2010 Frasier Contest, a 2011 semi-finalist in the ACFW Genesis Contest, and won the Aspiring Writer’s Contest withe THE READING ROOM, 2013.

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What Am I?

Lots of people with the right answer last week. It was a snake. More specifically, a python. To be precise, this python

2014-11-18 14.55.43-1

I’m giving the correct answer shout-out to kongsavage for correctly guessing python :-)

It seems the longer we do these What Am I? quizzes, the better you all get at guessing them. See you how you get on with the this week’s:

What Am I?

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As always, the first correct answer gets a link and shout out next week.

Don’t forget to leave your guess in the comments and link up your WW posts.

Welcome to the World – A Child’s Blessing: Review & Giveaway



Welcome to the World!
by inspirational author Kanta Bosniak works as a baby blessing for the child and for the child in us all. Directly addressing the child, it serves as a kind of loving welcome as well as a kind of spiritual owner’s manual for exploring the adventure of life. The book gently anchors self-worth, confidence, kindness, and compassion. Parents can read it to the baby still in utero, to the newborn, as well as to the toddler.





My Review

Welcome to the World is a blessing for a new child written in prose. It’s all the things you would want to tell your child; how much you will care for them, how they can be anything they want. In a sense it reminds me of epic Vedic scripts. However, it is broken up with whimsical illustrations and inspiration quotes, making it both easy to read and a source of strength for the parent when they need it. It’s a lovely book and would make a great gift for any new or expectant parents.

Buy the book from….


Toddlers and young children can enjoy the complementary Welcome To The World! Coloring Book.  And adult “children” of all ages may enjoy re-parenting themselves with both book and coloring book, which feature sweetly whimsical line drawings and affirmations typical of Bosniak’s books.

My Review

Whilst reading Welcome to the World, I found myself itching to colour in some of the illustrations. They are all in this colouring book, bigger and bolder than in the blessing book itself. They are the kind of illustrations you might find yourself colouring in an idle moment, but they have meaning too and go to the heart of the sacred nature of life and birth.  All that being said, I know my daughter would enjoy colouring them too and it would give us a lovely base for discussions about being her true self.

Buy the coloring book from….

About Kanta Bosniak

Kanta Bosniak is an author, artist, coach and interfaith minister with over 40 years’ experience as an educator in Spiritual Growth and Guided Meditation. She illustrates her publications with playful drawings and vibrant, color-rich cover art, so that readers and listeners can enjoy owning her work. Collectors of her art include a Nobel Prize Winner, an Emmy-winning producer, a popular television actress, several authors, a U.S. National champion athlete and people of all walks of life. She is a frequent speaker at churches, universities, holistic education centers, and conferences throughout the US. She is listed in Who’s Who in American Women. For more information, visit KantaBosniak.com..


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“This book is disguised as a basic spiritual coloring book, yet as with her other books they provide gentle triggers of love and happiness.” – Beck Valley Books

on The Love is Everywhere Coloring Book by Kanta Bosniak

“As soon as I picked this book up,and started reading it I felt like I was with a friend.” – Debs Here

on Abundance Triggers by Kanta Bosniak

“Kanta’s writing which has never ceased to amaze me. I really like her style and unique illustrations.” - Writers with Books

on Love Poems by Kanta Bosniak

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I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.






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What Am I?

Last week’s picture definitely had you stumped. We had a variety of answers, but it was in fact part of a door chain!

This week is very easy, I think!  What Am I?

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Huge shout out next week to the first right answer!  And even if you don’t know, have a guess – it makes my day to see you taking part :-)

What Am I?

Well, last week’s picture appeared to give a little more trouble than the previous two – about time there was a more difficult picture! There were no right answers, but Melinda from Glimmer of Hope was the nearest. It was part of the grill from a car – a Ford Mondeo to be exact.

And this week’s picture should be a piece of cake!

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Make Your Own Pumpkin Facial Mask
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